While I always want this blog to be a creative space to encourage a relaxing and fun environment, I also know how important it is to provide these upfront facts:


I promise to keep your information super top secret. Just as I do not want people spamming my inbox, the privacy of my readers to very important to me. I do gather some data from everyone who stops by my site, however none of this information is shared with outside parties. Also, for your own peace of mind: Montreal Weekly promises to not accept any products of sponsored posts from companies that I could not otherwise post about. ALL of my opinions are my own and no one can make me, or pay me, to think or write otherwise.


I do not claim to share the views or expressions of those companies I receive items from. It is true that I accept advertisements in the form monthly sponsors approved by me or sponsors provided by a third party ad network. Trust me, I will not post anything I do not love {no matter how much they pay or how many items they send}.


Before contacting me, please consider if your product{s} is a good fit for Montreal Weekly…including the aesthetic and editorial content that’s already been blogged about. This will ensure a successful potential partnership. If you feel that your company/brand is a good fit, please e-mail maximefrechette@me.com for more information.


Any paid collaborations, sponsorships, or gifts stay true to Montreal Weekly and my aesthetics. We love teaming up with like-minded brands/companies to collaborate on all things style related. However, these posts will be written in my own words, using my own brain and reflect my own opinion. Please contact me for more information on pricing etc… at maximefrechette@me.com